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Earthquake Risk Mitigation in Palestine and A Training courses on Seismic Design of buildings in Nablus

05/02/2015 12:54:00


During January 2015,  the Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Centre (UPDRRC), of An- Najah National University (ANU)/ Earth Sciences and Seismic Engineering Center (ESSEC), conducted a training course  (50 hours) entitled: Fundamentals of seismic analysis and seismic design, in the city of Nablus, with the participation of 40 engineers. The training course was held according to the plan of engineers association/ Al Quds Center for building the capacity of engineers in the field of seismic design and according to the cooperation between (UPDRRC) and the Engineers Association, and to achieve the aims of (SASPARM2-H220 Project), based on the results of Strengthening Palestinian-administrated Areas capabilities for Seismic Risk Mitigation project in Palestine (SASPARM), the most important result is the adoption of the seismic design of buildings by the related Palestinian institution.

The training course covered several subjects, mainly: An Introduction to Seismology (Palestine and its surroundings), the influence of local site conditions on seismic performance of Buildings, the mechanism of seismic loads, architecture and structural configuration on earthquake-resistant buildings. The design of structural elements of earthquake-resistant buildings, the assessment of the damages and losses (post disaster damage assessment), Prof. Jalal Dabeek, Director of the Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Center at An-Najah University and the Vice President of the National Agency for Disaster Risk Mitigation in Palestine, led the training sessions.
  The second part of the training course have been conducted by: Dr.monther dwaikat and Eng. Ibrahim Erman: This part has been allocated for the use of computers in seismic design through applying the (SAP 2000) and ETABS software programme in designing buildings of reinforced concrete frames, reinforced walls and concrete- stone walls. It is noteworthy that the Support Action for Strengthening Palestinian-administrated Areas capabilities for Seismic Risk Mitigation project in Palestine (SASPARM-H2020) is a resumption of (SASPARM-FP7), implemented by An-Najah National University in cooperation with the European Centre for training and research in Earthquake Engineering "EUCENTRE” and the Institute for Advanced Study (IUSS) in Pavia – Italy. The project includes a number of activities, including: training courses in the field of seismic design for buildings for engineers from engineering offices, workshops with ministries and government institutions and non-governmental organizations, public awareness campaigns for citizens and students, scientific publications, exchange of visits, etc