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Lectures for students of civil and construction engineering

16/03/2015 09:26:00

Group of students from Engineering Facility visited An-Najah University’s Earth Sciences and Seismic Engineering Unit at the Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Centre, to learn about how to use the Seismic equipment (seismometers, seismographs ....etc).
 Mr. Walaa Aj’aj, laboratory supervisor, welcomed the guests and gave them an overview on the Centre, its objectives and duties, and then introduced them to the SASPARM project - phase 1 and2.
 Mr Ajaj and eng. Anas Atatreh gave a detailed explanation on the equipment and devices that are used at the Earth Sciences and Seismic Engineering Unit and their various uses like Seismometer that are used to monitor and measure ground, including those of seismic waves generated by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other seismic sources, as well as the geological use of Seismographs as sensors to study layers and depths for various purposes through determining the quality and strength of rocks in these layers.
The Visiting students also were briefed through a demonstration using Models and Samples in the laboratory about the shaking Table which is used in modelling facilities and conducting dynamic studies.