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A Workshop Conducted on “Disaster Risk Reduction in Palestine: Palestine Safe City Standards and the 10 Essentials for Making Cities Resilient” - Sendai Framework, Tulkarem

24/03/2016 13:40:00

Tulkarm Governorate organized a workshop on “Disaster Risk Reduction in Palestine: Safe City Standards and The 10 Essentials for Making Cities Resilient” to disasters (Sendai framework) in collaboration with the Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Center An-Najah National University, and the Palestinian Civil Defense with the participation of a number of specialists, researchers and others interested in this field.

For his part, Jihad Alas'd the representative of the Governor, confirmed in his speech the interest of Governor Esam Abu Baker in achieving sustainable development and maintaining the security and safety of citizens, stressing on the importance of raising awareness among citizens concerning dealing with disasters and risk reduction.

Furthermore, Prof. D. Jalal Dabbeek the Center's Director and the Vice President of the National Authority for Disaster Risk Mitigation presented a detailed presentation on disaster reduction, disaster management, safe cities and the standards necessary to cope with disasters within the framework of the Hyogo and Sendai. Which is based on understanding disaster risk, the mechanism of disaster risk management, and enhancing preparedness in disasters as well as  the SASPARM2 project.

Mr. Ammar  Salama, the  Director of General Disaster Management in the Palestinian  Civil Defense pointed out that the aim of the workshop is to prepare a society which is able to cope with any disaster including: disaster reduction, planning, proper handling and safety of self and properties in accordance with the generally accepted international standards.